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March 17, 2008
PRODUCT NUMBER DESIGNATIONS: When placing your order, please specifiy the product profile number, finish, insert and size/length. Also make sure to clearly state any special fabrication needs, optional fasteners or custom finishes/sizes required.

Throughout the catalog, products are listed with an underscore ( __ ) where variable finishes are available. Lengths are added on to the end of product numbers and are not typically shown per product. More in-depth ordering information for specific lines are available in that product's section of the catalog.

For searching on, the best search results will be achieved by entering the base profile number in the search box. For example, typing 2005, 2005_, 2005AT or 2005_T will return the most accurate results. Typing 2005AT36 will generate a non-match as sizes are not typically displayed (36 = 36").

STANDARD PRODUCTS: Example: 2001AT36 (shown as 2001_T in catalog)

Profile #: 2001

Finish: A = Mill Finish Aluminum

Insert: T = ThermoSeal

Size/Length: 36 = 36"

ADHESIVE GASKETING PRODUCTS: Example: S773D21 (shown as S773_ in catalog)

Profile #: S773

Finish: D = Dark Brown

Size/Length: 21 = 21' coil

PEMKOHINGEundefined PRODUCTS: See detailed ordering chart in the PemkoHinge section.

Example - DSPFM85SLIHD1 ( _SPFM_SLI on web )

Finishes: BL Black Anodized, C Clear Anodized, D Dark Bronze Anodized, G Gold Anodized, PW Painted White, SN Satin Nickel Anodized

Hinge Types: AL_FM Aluminum Full-Mortise, AL_HS Aluminum Half-Surface , FM Full-Mortise, FS Full-Surface, HS Half-Surface, RS138 Full-Mortise Residential: 1-3/8 inch, RS175 Full-Mortise Residential: 1-3/4 inch, SPFM Special Full-Mortise, WT_FM Wide Throw Full-Mortise, WT_HS Half-Surface

Lengths: 79, 83, 85, 95, 120

Hinge Options: "blank" Standard, CP Center Pivot, RG Raised Gear, SF Safety, SL Short Leaf (residential only), SLF Short Leaf Flush, SLI Short Leaf Inset

Capacity: "blank" Standard Duty, HD1 Heavy Duty, Grade 1, HD3 Heavy Duty, Grade 3

MODULAR RAMP PRODUCTS: See ordering information throughout Modular Ramps section.

Example - R1FMRAK ( R1FMR_ on web )

R = Ramp, 1 = Floor Offset Height (see list below), F = Application (see list below), MR = Application, AK = Finish (Aluminum with PemKote)

Floor Offset Heights: .5 = 1/2", .75 = 3/4", 1 = 1", 1.25 = 1-1/4", 1.5 = 1-1/2", 1.75 = 1-3/4", 2 = 2", 2.25 = 2-1/4", 2.5 = 2-1/2"

Applications: F = Flushes out to floor offset, MR = Miter Return (one pair)

LITES AND LOUVERS: The following information is necessary for ordering (quantities are not included in product numbers):



SIZE: 3 x 33

Example: LT-B1B10X10 (shown as LT-B1_ in catalog/web)

Profile #: LT-B1

Finish: B

Size/Length: 10x10 = 10" height x 10" width

Finishes: B = Beige (with polyester resin powder coat), D = Dark Bronze Duranodic (with polyester resin powder coat), G = Gray Primer (with polyester resin powder coat)

This information may also be downloaded from the General Information section of the catalog (PDF available online in the Literature section under the Support Center menu.

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